Ivan Albarracin

​My name is Ivan Albarracin. Engineer, designer, and entrepreneur. EV and disruptive tech investor. Budding photographer. Lover of the great outdoors.​​

I have experience working with various design and development agencies in the US, the UK, Australia, and the Philippines. I also co-founded Node Revision and served as its Head of Product.​​

​Notable brands I worked with include: NASA Ames Research Center, Pinterest, Twitter, Walt Disney Family Foundation, United Nations Environment Programme, Louis Vuitton SE, University of California-Berkeley, University of Surrey, Betsson AB, Michelin, and Kindred Group.

Currently based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Living Life in Beta

I always strive to become the better best version of myself. Life is a series of iteration, I constantly push new builds for continuous improvement and optimization.

Perspective that Resonates

It resonates into my craft as an entrepreneur, leader, and full-stacker — solving problems and going after goals with my best foot forward.

Mission to Empower

I help SMEs make their digital mark. I help Enterprise-level Businesses innovate. Today's technology is all about convenience and overcoming distance barriers. I'm on a mission to better equip everyone, so nobody gets left behind.

Above All, Values

Personal values and integrity trump norms, standards, and stereotypes. We should take it upon ourselves to make the choices that rule us, leaving none of it to chance or society.